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How to prepare for Gate 2019? The GATE exam is conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Madras. There are many courses in the Gate Examination, which are necessary to keep the information, get complete information about all the courses. And choose your course according to your knowledge. Gate 2019 is one of the most challenging examination. That’s why you need hard work and passion both. Here you are being told how you can get success in this by Preparing for Gate Exam.

How to prepare for Gate 2019?

Here we are discussing few Strategy to Prepare for GATE Exam 2019. First of all you need a great planning for the Preparation of Gate 2019.

Before starting Preparation for Gate 2019 you must be aware about the Eligibility Criteria in GATE 2019 and GATE 2019 Syllabus.

  1. Mock Tests and Practice Tests: Give more time to solve the mock test and previous years Question papers.
  2. Remove them without ignoring the difficulties in the test.
  3. Do not read a new topic or a new book in the last time.
  4. Make a study by setting a time table according to your strengths and weakness.
  5. Being a part of the All India Online Test Series, you can also assess your preparation.
  6. To achieve success at the GATE Exam, then set your daily goal for study.
  7. Although questions are not repeat in this exam but questions are based on the concept, the Concept is definitely repeat, so emphasize the type of questions and their concept in the previous years.
  8. Examination in every quadrant or question in quart Instructions for negative and negative marking are given, read such Instructions.
  9. Focus on Speed ​​and Accuracy. That will bring more success.
  10. Choose Good Books and Study materials.
  11. The GATE exam is exempt from the use of a scientific calculator. Avoid using it for small calculations.
  12. Create a Gate exam 2019 Revision Plan: How to prepare for Gate 2019? first prepare the Revision Notes and revise them weekly basis.
  13. Last minute strategy for GATE Exam 2019: Don’t read the new topics Just revise the Prepared notes or marked questions at the time of preparation.
  14. Add a habit of reading any concept in four steps, as given below-

Check GATE 2019 Subject Codes   << Click Here

First: Understand the concept and make your grip on it.

Second: Resolve related questions from Concept.

Third: Keep recycling them.

Fourth: Read his applications and think them in mind.

GATE Exam 2019 Details

Events Details
Name of Exam Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2019
Name of Organization Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Madras
Exam Location All India
Date of Exam 2, 3, 9 and 10 February 2019
Post Category Gate Preparation Tips
Result Date 16th March 2019
Score Card{without fee} 20th March – 31st May 2019
Score Card{with fee} From 1st Jun to 31st December 2019
Official Website

Gate 2019 Preparation tips

Every student studying wants to fly to the height of successes. The increasing number of students at the centers of each competition examines this point. But successful ones are those who have the determination and confidence to achieve the goal. There is no shortcut method to be successful in the competition examination. He said that deep and regular preparation of every subject is necessary. For the Preparation of Gate 2019, make regular and regular preparations for the subjects from the first year to the final year.

Good Book and Material Selection – In the beginning of the Gate Examination, a good selection of books and materials are required first.There is enough to book 1-2 for a subject. Always give priority to the book for reading, followed by any other resource.Apart from this, you can also study online video lectures, course material, coaching notes.

Make plans for GATE exam 2019 – Take all the papers of the previous year and solve them, it provides a lot of information and a lot of help, plan daily or weekly basis. In the plan, you should include the full range of Revision, Practice Test and all the courses.According to your daily chores, make time table. Once you run weekly according to the time table and weekly then according to the time table you will get good results in the examination.

Revision in the last phase – At this time, you have to give time to both the practice and practice. Give as many practice tests as possible. After every test see which topic you are weak, after that, do its best well. You have to give 2-5 practice tests a day, as well as remember all the concepts during practice.Your confidence in this phase will increase day by day.

Regarding the preparation of Gate 2019 –Creating revision notes is not enough, its daily practice is also important. Read the Registry Notes once a week, this will also remind you of the concept of your ready subject.As you frequently go to a topic or topic, you will take less time to get it in the preview and the concept will be clearer.

Last minute strategy for GATE 2019 – Do not read any new topics in the last 2 days and pay more attention to this in two days. Read the admit card and find out about the center.

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